My subject matter examines the imagery, culture and mythology of everyday life. Although the work is varied in content, covering subjects as diverse as archaeology, domestic life, war, travel and natural history, it also has common compositional themes which refer to the culture of collecting including taxonomy, fragmentation and the associative power of historic objects.

Working in both collage and painting, and sometimes combining the two, I start by collecting imagery made by other people for other contexts. For the collages much of the material I use has been discarded because it is out of date. By selecting these images and re-contextualising them I give them a new identity and meaning. A similar process is undertaken for the paintings using antique fragments from materials like ceramics and textiles as subject matter.

In all the work the images bring with them the resonance of their origins, but the meaning becomes transformed by the way they are re-ordered, allowing the viewer to provide their own connections and associations. Imagery that might be sentimental or prosaic can become poignant, emblematic or even monumental.